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Choosing A Photography Blind

Choosing a photography blind is a lot like anything else - you get what you pay for and quality matters. For years I used hunting blinds because there were very few options specifically for photographers but those blinds, although cheap, are generally low quality and only last a season at best. And because they aren't designed for photography I had to cut my own holes in the proper places. Today, I use and represent Tragopan Blinds and am involved in their design, improvements, and promotion. As someone who frequently uses blinds it has been wonderful to have blinds made of quality materials with the features I need as a photographer. I have also been happy to promote the use of blinds in North America as a way to minimize disturbance of wildlife and take unique images.


The Tragopan V6 is the tallest and most versatile one-person blind and the easiest to setup. It uses a robust hub system that reduces setup time and ease compared to traditional “pop-up” style blinds. The V6 also has the widest suite of accessories including an attachable vestibule for camping or additional space, a rain canopy for especially wet conditions, and even a way to connect two of them together – a great option for working with a client or friend. The Tragopan V6 is the best choice if you are looking for ease of setup, the most space, and the most options for increasing space and weatherproofing.


The Grouse V+ is a traditional hoop style pop-up blind. It erects in seconds but can be a bit more difficult for some users to fold back up. It has one main shooting window that can be customized like other Tragopan blinds and each side of the blind has a zippered window with three built in options - totally closed, a mesh shooting window, or completely open. The door on the rear of the blind includes a large mesh window that can be left closed, screened, or completely open. This provides great ventilation and additional shooting/visibility options.


The Monal V2 maximizes comfort and versatility. It is the largest Tragopan blind and erects and packs down in minutes using the same robust hub system as the Tragopan V6. The Monal can accommodate two photographers or one photographer operating multiple cameras. It has 6 main shooting windows and a floor that can be removed or left in place for overnight camping or working in wet areas. The blind is well ventilated with a rain fly suspended above a mostly mesh roof. This stops condensation from forming on cold days and keeps it from getting too hot in warm weather.


The Hokki V3 Ground Blind is designed for lying prone and shooting at ground or water level. It is a great option in wetlands, on grouse leks, or anytime you want to get that intimate eye-level view from a small unobtrusive blind. The blind deploys rapidly, uses the same hub system as the Tragopan V6 and has a waterproof ground floor. The low profile also eliminates the blinds shadow from coming into play when the sun is low.

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