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In this Field Vlog I take out my new Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera out for a day of winter Great Gray Owl photography in the mountains of Oregon. I talk about owl behavior and habitat, thoughts on the benefits of the Nikon Z9, and ethical consideration when working with owls. 
In this Field Vlog, I take a Tragopan V6 Photography Blind to an Oregon wetland to shoot a Great Blue Heron and Great Egret feeding frenzy. Topics I cover include identifying an opportunity, site selection and blind placement, and camera settings for action.
In this Field Vlog I search the braided rivers beneath New Zealand's Mount Cook to photograph an iconic and unique shorebird, the Wrybill.  
vlog_Ruffle Grouse.png
In this Field Vlog I go through my steps for finding and photographing drumming Ruffed Grouse. I talk about their natural history, how to find them, how to prepare for shooting, blind placement using a Tragopan V6 blind, and other photographic and low-impact considerations.
In this Field Vlog I head to an urban green space in Portland, Oregon to photograph a Western Screech-Owl at it's day roost. I talk about camera settings, types of light for this situation, composition, camera settings, and the thoughts behind them.
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In this Field Vlog I slow down a bit and scout for Great Gray Owls in Central Oregon 
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